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Conditions for Payment and Delivery

1. All prices and delivery terms are valid as of Jul. 1, 2002 and are replacing all former prices and delivery specifications for end users.

2. Orders should always be placed in written:

a) online - Order Form for US-Models / Order Form for bronco-automodelle

b) Letter, Fax, e-mail (s.a.)

3. US-Kits are delivered as unprimed, transparent resin epoxy castings in stable plastic-boxes without wheels and axles.

4. In case of ordering ready-made kits longer delivery periods of min. 2 month must be considered, cauz they will be produced individually on demand.

5. All domestic and abroad deliveries will always be prepaid by the principal. Only on special desire as C.O.D.

The flat rate for postage (dp-ag) and packing is computed as follows:


Small Parcel: EUR 8,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D)

Insured Parcel: EUR 10,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D)


Small Parcel : EUR 12,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D / Air Mail)

Insured Parcel (zone-dependent): EUR 19,50-29,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D / Air Mail)


Small Parcel : EUR 14,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D / Air Mail)

Insured Parcel (zone-dependent): EUR 32,00-40,00 (+ if necessary fees for C.O.D / Air Mail)

After grouping of delivery and 4-weeks reservation of the ordered references the recipient gets a pro-forma invoice (including all shipping charges). Immediately after the grand-total without any deductions is credited to our postal account, the models are dispatched via small parcel / insured parcel to the address given on the order form. In addition online-orders with an e-mail-address will receive a prepayment-confirmation and the exact dispatch date of the commodities.


Till Jan. 01, 2002 payment will be in EURO and please make sure that there won't be any banking fees charged to our end, cauz they have to be always paid by the principal.

7. (Pre-)Payment will be transferred to our postal account:

Ulrich Schmidt / US-Models

(Postbank Köln - Edmund-Rumpler-Straße 3 - D-51149 KÖLN )

BLZ: 370 100 50

intern. SWIFT-Code: PBNKDEFF 370

Kto.-Nr.: 3379 35-507

IBAN: DE54 3701 0050 0337 9355 07

8. By net-order-amount of EUR 225,00 delivery is generally free.

9. The delivered commodities are remaining in full property of the purveyor till payment in total.

If you have any doubts or concerns about don't hesitate to let us know by e-mail: